Ste. Marie Parish

Ministers of Communion

Information and Procedures



        Please dress appropriately when you come to Mass.

        Sign-in at least 10-15 minutes before the Mass.

(The Coordinator will begin searching for a replacement at 5 minutes before Mass begins.)

•    Check your assigned station on the map to make sure you know your position.


        At the beginning of the 'Lamb of God’ proceed into the sanctuary.

        Stations 13, 14, 1, 2, 3, 4 stand on St. Joseph's side of the altar.

        Stations 11, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7 stand on St. Mary's side of the altar.

(Stations 11, 12, 13 and 14 are for the 11:30am Mass only.)


        After the celebrant communicates, he then distributes the Host to all the ministers.

        The Precious Blood is then given to the last minister on each side.

        They then distribute the Precious Blood to the other ministers but does not hand off the

      cup to another.

Distribution of Communion

        After reception of the Precious Blood the priest or deacon will present you with your paten/communion cup after which you may go to your station.

        Please only use the words "The Body of Christ" or "The Blood of Christ"

        Do not 'bless' non-communicants with the Host.

        With children and non-communicants you may trace the sign of the cross on their forehead
or simply lay your hand on their head or shoulder. You may say "May Jesus love you," or
"May God bless you."

            Stay at your station until all ministers have concluded distribution unless you are needed to
help distribute at longer lines. 

        The ministers in the back of the church may come up together following the communicants
who are in the front centerline
.  Come to the front to assist in distribution if you have Precious Blood to replace those that are empty in the front.

Post Communion

        All patens and communion cups are returned to the altar for purification by the priest and  

      Deacon.  Please place them on Mary’s side.

        Remaining Hosts should be given to the priest/deacon at the altar.  He will combine them

      into a large ciborium and return them to the Tabernacle.

        Remaining Precious Blood is consumed near the Altar facing away form the assembly and

      the empty communion cup is placed on Mary’s side of the altar.

        The Ems will resume the place they had in the sanctuary for communion. When the Blessed Sacrament is returned they will bow to the Tabernacle (in consideration for any who are unable to bow), and then assist with taking purified communion cups and patens to the sacristy sink where they may be washed and returned to their proper place in the vault.

        Return to your seat; remember to reverence the Tabernacle at the congregation level.

        Ministers 2, 3, 4 are assigned to wash the vessels after Mass.


Washing Sacred Vessels

            Please rinse all vessels in the sacrarium prior to washing them in the sink.

            Sacrarium is the sink with the lid found in the Sacristy

 Assignment Information

        The Coordinator will provide a list of all Ministers of Communion.

        If you cannot serve then please find a replacement.  Email the change to the Coordinator

        If you are having difficulty in finding a replacement please call/email the Coordinator prior to Friday.


Dress Code


Men should wear collared shirts and “dress” slacks.  Jacket and tie are preferred.

In the summer months, jacket and tie are optional but encouraged.


Women should wear a blouse with a discrete neckline, not sleeveless and not leaving any hint of an exposed midriff.

If skirt or “dress” shorts are worn, they should be below the knees.

Please avoid casual footwear.


Thank you for honoring our Lord Jesus with your modest apparel.