RE Classes have begun - but its not too late to register!

 First Communion Students & Confirmation Students must register on-line.
 A $50 supply fee is requested.
 Other fees such as Retreat Fees are NOT included in this supply fee.
 First Communion is April 25 at 10 am.
 Confimation is May 3 at 5 pm.
 Copy of Baptismal Certificate is required for both of these Sacraments.

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Instructions Sacrament Supply Fees are $50 per student.
Class Fee is $65 per student with a maximum registration fee of $175 per family.
Payment is due at time of registration via egiving in the form of debit from checking, credit card or debit card.
Contact Information:
Elementary: Mhel Galaviz,
Middle School & High School: James Longoria,
To discuss confidentially, reduced fees or scholarships, contact Josie Kleypas, 512-255-1389 ext 221,

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