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Catholic Community of Saint Patrick Saint Patrick Church • 3109 Sacramento Street • Placerville • 95667 Saint James Church • 2831 Harkness Street • Georgetown • 95634 Saint Patrick Church Mass ScheduleSaturday 4:00 PM Reconciliation 3:00-4:00 PM Sunday 8:00 AM 10:00 AM Children’s Liturgy of the Word Youth Mass 10:00 AM Second Sunday of the Month Monday-Friday 8:30 AMMisas en Español Domingo 12:30 PM Liturgia para Niños Miércoles 6:30 PMSaint James Church Mass Schedule Sunday 10:00 AMReconciliation after Mass Our Mission As an assembly empowered by the glory of the Resurrection, we are committed to one another and to the tradition of the Catholic Church in celebrating the Seven Sacraments, the Sacred Liturgy, proclaiming the Good News through Education, sustaining the community of Faith, and promoting Charity, Peace and Justice for all people, now and forever. BaptismsParents must be registered in the parish and attend Mass regularly. Parents and godparents are required to attend a pre-Baptism class. The next class will be held on Sunday, February 16th, at 5:00 PM in Room 3 at Saint Patrick. Please RSVP to the Par-ish Office before attending the class. Sacrament of Marriage A couple wishing to be married in Saint Patrick Church or Saint James Church must contact the parish six months prior to the intended wedding date. A CHRISTMAS REPRISE The Church’s celebration three weeks ago of the Baptism of the Lord signaled the “official” end of the Christmas season. Today’s feast of the Presentation of the Lord seems to extend the Incarnation celebration a bit longer. In fact, some have called this feast a “second Epiphany.” The first reading recalls the anticipation of Advent, as Malachi writes, “Lo, I am sending my messenger to prepare the way before me.” The reading from Hebrews reminds us of the Incarnation, proclaiming that Jesus had a “share” in our own “blood and flesh.” The Gospel finds the infant Jesus on his first visit to Jerusalem and his human parents once again surprised and in awe over the events surround his birth. In the simplicity of the manger, in the grandeur of the temple, in the domesticity of Nazareth, Jesus comes. May we come to know him and so be filled with “wisdom” and the “favor of God.” —Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
We welcome new families to our Parish. Please register as soon as possible and notify the office of moves or address changes. Please note if you would like the convenience of Sunday envelopes as the ordinary means of meeting your obligations to your Parish. Parish Registration and Change of AddressNew to Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church Community? Recently moved or changed phone number? Name: Phone:Address: Clergy Pastor, Rev. Hernando Gomez-Amaya 530.622.0373 Extern Priest, Rev. Pepin Dandou 530.622.0373 Parish Staff Business Manager, Lupita Gonzalez 530.622.0373 Parish Secretary, Jeanne Rheault 530.622.0373 Faith Formation, Kathy Kasnic 530.622.7692 Choir Director, Cindy Flaherty 530.333.7767 Fax, Parish Office 530.621.7770 Parish Website stpatpv.org Parish Organizations and Ministries Parish Council President, Jim Yates 530.622.6451 Altar Servers Training, Mike Slusher 530.644.7689 Asociación Guadalupana, Paula Gallegos Grady 530.647.1202 Catholic Golden Age, Rebecca Bernardino 530.306.9334 Catholic Scripture Study, Joe Langdon 530.622.4671 Children's Liturgy of the Word, Sue Mosbacher 530.622.4443 Spanish Mass Children’s Liturgy of the Word Lucille Villalobos 530.622.0616 Grief and Loss, Karen Jones 530.748.8861 Hispanic Community, Maria Quintero 530.919.4675 Holy Spirit Charismatic Prayer Group, Brian Smith 530.306.5701 Knights of Columbus, Keith Flaherty, Grand Knight 916.826.3943 Golden Sierra 3345 Assembly, Gene Savage, Faithful Navigator 530.391.3688 Ladies’ Society, Colette Polaski, President 530.677.1285 Legion of Mary, Bertha Vargas 530.306.1069 Marriage Encounter, Don & Jeannette Boltz 530.647.9749 (Spanish)Miguel & Lorena Lozano 530.391.3535 Marriage Encounter Website sacramentowwme.org Ministry to the Sick, Larry Koncewicz 916.996.8962 Mother Teresa Maternity Home 530.295.8006 R.C.I.A, Brian Smith 530.306.5701 Saint James Society Craig Davis, President 530.333.2946 SPAM Clothes Closet, Belinda Durham 530.621.7773 The Upper Room Dining Hall 530.497.5146 Vocations Committee, Gloria Merjil 530.306.4902 Saint Patrick Cemetery, 895 Green Street, Placerville Open Daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. SIEMPRE LISTOS PARA JESÚS A menudo pensamos “cuando obtenga esto o cuando eso pase, entonces seré feliz”. Pero el Evangelio nos muestra una manera mejor. En el Evangelio de hoy, los cuatro adultos anhelan pro-fundamente al Mesías y “la consolación de Israel” que él traerá. La tentación humana podría obsesio-narse con la promesa de una paz y prosperidad futura, dejando solo la ansiedad y el resentimiento para un presente sufriente. Pero María, José, Simeón y Ana dejan la salvación del mundo a Dios; de su parte, ellos se enfocan en Jesús. Cada uno de ellos están ocupados con sus ocupaciones del día en sus trabajos que eligieron hacer. María y José están preocupados en como proveer a su familia, mientras que Simeón y Ana dedican sus vidas a orar en el Templo. Encuentran suficiente paz al cumplir sus obligaciones en sus estados de vida, manteniendo una vida de oración viva para estar atentos a las acciones de Dios en el mundo. En el Evangelio, sus prioridades están literal y espiritualmente en Jesús. Ellos modelan para nosotros cómo ser feliz y santo; haciendo sus debe-res diarios pacíficamente, siempre listos para reconocer a Jesús mientras él se revela a sí mismo.Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc. CUARTO DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO 2 DE FEBRERO DE 2020 Sacramento del Bautismo Los padres deben estar registrados en al parroquia y deben estar atendiendo Misa regularmente. Los padres y padrinos deben tomar una clase pre bautismal. La próxima clase es el 21 de febrero a las 7:00 PM en el salón 3. Sacramento de Matrimonio Una pareja que desee casarse en la parroquia de San Patricio debe comunicarse con la parroquia seis meses antes de la fecha prevista para la boda.
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS “There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future.” St Augustine. Saint Augustine is usually insightful. This quote is totally understandable. It also helps me put things in perspective. We all fail and fall short, but we have a future. The point for me is that we should keep trying and keep striving to be a better Christian. Our past is the past and can not be anything else. Our future can be different if we learn from the past. Keith Flaherty, Grand Knight, Monsignor Hayes Council Upcoming event sponsored by the Knights of Columbus: February 15th, Saturday: Tri-Tip Dinner - Support the Walk for Life!!! This dinner helps offset the bus expense for the Walk for Life Walk in San Francisco. See a Knight after all the weekend Masses for tickets. ¡Apoye la caminata por la vida! La cena anual de Tri-Tip que los Caballeros de Colón preparan, llegará el 15 de febrero. Esta cena ayuda pagar por el costo del camión a la caminata por la vida en San Francisco. WELL DESERVED AND LONG OVERDUE THANK YOU Please accept this very well deserved and long overdue thank you to all of you. All your dedication to our parish is very much appreciated. Every ministry and parishioner makes a difference and has an impact to both Saint Patrick and Saint James. Without your help, we would not be able to function nor provide for our community. Thank you to all the ministry leaders for your dedication. Thank you to the catechist and aides who, week by week, build the faith in our children. Thank you to the Clothes Closet volunteers who spend hours and hours sorting and organizing the donated items to provide to those in need of our community. Thank you to the Ladies Society who have donated funds to cover the expense of the flooring in the sacristy and classrooms 3 and 6. Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for their great presence and always being willing to help in any way... and also for their delicious pancake breakfasts. Thank you to the many parishioners who donate their time to care for the parishes and cemetery grounds and facilities. Thank you to our choirs who bring the sound of music to our Masses. Thank you to each one of our parishioners.(Fine Print Disclaimer: No one is intentional left out. Thank you to everyone.) LAY CARMELITE INFORMATION MEETING Do you feel drawn to a deeper relationship with our Lord? “Humanity is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw us to Himself.” Catholic lay men and women may become Third Order members of the Carmelite Order. If you feel called to deepen your relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ, you are invited to learn about the Lay Carmelite way of life. Our community meets monthly at St. Patrick Parish, Placerville. Today, February 2nd, is an information meeting for new members from 1:30p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Room 3. Contact Tanya Hughes at 530-558-5795 or Deborah Didier at 530-417-4148 for more information. GOLDEN AGE MEETING Golden Age members, we would love to see you on Wednesday, February 5th, starting at 11:30 a.m. in the Gurnell Hall Lounge for our monthly meeting and to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. Bring a dish to share and let’s get together. Please contact Rebecca Bernardino, at 530-306-9334, for more information. See you there! FAITHWORKS NEWS Hey high schoolers! Join FaithWorks on Monday evenings as we continue our journey of Catholic Identity together. Keep up to date on what we are doing by joining our closed group on Facebook, "FAITHWORKS! St. Patrick High School Youth Group, Placerville, CA" or by contacting the Faith Formation Office at faithformation@stpatpv.org or 530-622-7692. All are welcome! See you soon!