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Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Lent is the time when the Church pauses, reflects, and seeks to give witness more fully to the mystery of our Lords passion death, and resurrection. It is a time of spiritual preparation.  It is a time for us to enter into the life-giving mysteries of our faith.  










 We enter this season through deepening our devotions, and acts of mercy. We seek to mold our lives in conformity to the ways of Christ. This is why in this season, as the Church, God's people tap the fonts of God's grace that help us to understand the mystery of redemption.


If we want to make sense of the meaning of redemption, we need to enter into it. We fast, we pray, we abstain, we give alms, we do works of mercy.  Especially in this season, these observances focus our attention on an encounter with Christ the author of our redemption.  


Too often it becomes easy to separate faith from action in our modern world. And certainly with this pandemic, it has not gotten better.  Lent offers us the opportunity to do things differently. As we walk the way of the Lord, we seek to become more like the Lord. 


Have you ever heard of a great athlete who became great wishing they were great? Or for that matter a great artist, a scholar, or anyone who acquires any skill, all require effort to become good at what they do.  The old adage is: “Practice makes perfect.”


People in our world at times foolishly thing that faith operates without practice. It’s easy to adopt that way of thinking. It’s part of the natural order or better yet disorder of our spiritual nature. Lent is like a of time training. For those preparing for baptism this is especially true.  But for all of us this is true as well. 


Furthermore, this is not something we accomplish on our own.  It’s like an athlete saying that his or her victories were a product of his or her own doing.  No one else had a hand in their success? Really?  Or better yet, it’s like a father in the delivery room saying to everyone present with sincere honesty as he holds his new born child: “Look everyone what I did!” Really?


Every step of the way in our Faith, the Lord is there to say to us that he is with us. His grace gives us faith in our conviction, hope in our resolve, and love, the supreme gift, that unites all our efforts to God himself. In the end it is God that makes all things possible. What we need to do is recognize this truth. This season can and does aid us to correct our belief about our own disposition and ourselves.


In the midst of this pandemic, our human nature can get into a real debate about this tendency. We can become apathetic and despondent. That’s a real temptation. This week we read in the Sunday Gospel the Temptation of Jesus from Mark. It’s always good to point out a few things about this event, remembering that Mark only has two sentences about the Temptation of Jesus.


First, we need to remember that Jesus had just had an encounter with the Father in his own baptism. The Spirit we are told drove him into the desert. Why? The answer is to be tempted. Why? Because through the temptation of Satan he was able to recognize that the Father was with him in a time of trouble. “Angels came and ministered to him.” 


We can foolishly think that temptation is avoidable or non-existent. This is a conceit of the self-centered. Both in our efforts to overcome temptation and in our failures, we are confronted with a truth. God’s will is different from ours. Do we seek our will or do we seek to be faithful to God’s will?  The choice is ours. Jesus showed us the way. Notice what happens next in Mark’s account. “After John had been arrested, Jesus came to Galilee proclaiming the gospel of God: “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.” After his own temptation, he could have walked away. He didn’t. He made a choice. That choice changed the world. He showed us the way to the Father. 


Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Joseph B. Pierce









First Sunday in Lent

Lectionary: 23

1st Reading: Gn 9:8-15 

Psalm:  Ps 25:4-5, 6-7, 8-9 

2nd Reading 1 Pt 3:18-22   

Gospel  Mk 1:12-15  










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God bless you today and always! 

Below is a copy of our bulletin for this weekend.   On Saturday evening, it will be uploaded to our Parish website. (click here)    You may also find a history of our parish bulletins using that link.















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 Rescheduled from Valentines Day!

This coming Sunday, February 21st!


We will be praying the Rosary and reciting the Sorrowful mysteries immediately following the 11:00 pm Mass (approximately 12:00 noon). 

You are more than welcome to join us. You can also join us from home or wherever you are!  We will be live streaming the event from our website home page and on our facebook page!  
















40 Day Lenten Challenge The Lenten 40 day Contemplative Challenge as an opportunity to deepen our relationship with our Lord in the Trinity.  Details and a simple sign up form can be found here: (click here)











Exposition - During Lent, following morning daily mass on Weekdays (Mon-Fri) there will be an opportunity to stay and participate in Exposition and Morning Prayer. In remembrance of our dearly departed will will pray Psalm 130 following Morning Prayer in our Festival Room.











Reconciliation - Wednesdays at 6:00-7:30 pm during Lent.  1st Fridays and Every Saturday after the 8 am Mass.  For times at other Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of Washington, go to for a complete listing.











Stations of the CrossBeginning Friday, February 19th and on every Friday through March 26, Stations of the Cross will be at 6:00 pm in the church with the exception of  Good Friday.   On Good Friday,  April 2nd Stations will be at 12:00 noon


Below is a PDF version of the Powerpoint for The Way of the Cross (with text from Scriptures) should you wish to follow along on your phone.  A print version has also attached for your use.  These documents can also be found under documents on our the Resources for Lent page on our website.














Lenten Food Drive Bags for our Lenten Food Drive will be distributed following all Masses on  the weekend of February 27th and 28th!  On the following weekend, March 6th and 7th, the Food Pantry Truck will be in our Church parking lot before and after Masses to receive donations (donation items needed can be found here:  (Link here)


Prayer for Vocations During Lent we ask you to pray for Vocations and for the Seminarians of our Archdiocese.  The Prayer and photographs of our Seminarians can be found on our Prayer for Vocations page on our parish website. (linked here).










The 2021 Annual Appeal  This year’s theme is Seeking Christ to remind us, in this time of hardship and need, that Christ is the source of the healing, unity, and love that we all seek. Through our collective support of the Annual Appeal, we strengthen the Body of Christ that is our local Church, and we sustain her many charitable works that serve the spiritual and other needs of all those within and beyond our parish boundaries. Please consider a commitment to the 2021 Annual Appeal this weekend at home or in-person. Your gift will be credited toward our parish goal. Learn more about the Annual Appeal at










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Mid-Year Financial Snapshot

The Archdiocese of Washington has asked all Parishes to complete a report reflecting a mid-year snapshot of where they are financially.  This report must also be shared with our Parishioners.  Due to COVID-19 we are unable to share printed copies of this document, therefore we are making it available electronically via Flocknote and posting a PDF version of the report on our Parish website (linked here).











Update regarding Men's Retreat









The Men's retreat which was scheduled for March 19-20th has been cancelled.  The event will be rescheduled for some time in the fall when it can take place as an   in-person event.













If interested please email




Cumberland, MD JUNE 13-19




Rising 9th Graders and older may attend











Knights of Columbus 

51st Annual Car Raffle


Please see the below

 PDF for details and information!














Racial Justice Reflection

Saturday, February 20 @ 4:00 pm


February is Black History Month.  There will be  a Racial Justice Reflection on “Slavery in America  and Education Inequality Today,” featuring Charles 

Smallwood discussing his experiences as student  and teacher in Calvert County, with videos and  group discussions.  Mark your calendars for a 

90-minute presentation via Zoom.



Meeting ID: 870 7499 6020    

Passcode: 084074








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