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March 6th Saturday of the Second Week of Lent Link to Daily Readings ; Mi 7:14-15, 18-20 Ps 103:1-2, 3-4, 9-10, 11-12 Lk 15:18 Lk 15:1-3, 11-32 Resource Links:  Introduction to 40 Day Contemplative Lenten Challenge   Fasting...







March 6th
Saturday of the Second Week of Lent










Link to Daily Readings;

Mi 7:14-15, 18-20
Ps 103:1-2, 3-4, 9-10, 11-12
Lk 15:18
Lk 15:1-3, 11-32


PRESENCE OF GOD – Dear Father, help me to realize oneness with You and Your Son; without You I am nothing, and with You everything is possible (Jn 17:22 and Jn 15:5).

MEDITAT...N – Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus (Mt 16:24).  

Reading today’s gospel reminds us again how foundational humility is to a life with God. Wait a minute, you might say, the parable of the prodigal son is about a forgiving Father that has a love for us beyond our comprehension. And of course your are right, but it also denounces what we might call “religious materialism” (considering one’s self more holy than another) and that’s what we will meditate on here.


Both today’s parable as well as that of the tax collector (Lk 18:9-14) show how those who are humbled before God and realize they’ve got it wrong are far better off than those who think they’ve got it right, and are therefore somehow superior to others (think of the oldest son as well as the tax collector). Jesus illustrates time and time again how God’s kingdom works and, more often than not, it is contrary to how we usually think. Our fundamental misconception stems from our perspective that we “think” we are separate from God, and separate from our brothers and sisters too for that matter (this is the false or imaginary self - this is the self we must deny). It’s this separateness that results in transactional thinking; a gain for me is a loss for you (e.g., I don’t drink or smoke so I’m holier than her). When we really see that we are all part of the same vine our perspectives will fundamentally change forever (Jn 15:5).


God is at the core of each of us, including those we may consider the least of our brothers and sisters. Without God we are nothing and until we realize God we’ll feel incomplete. To quote Julian of Norwich:


“Until I am essentially united with God I can never have full rest or real happiness. God is nearer to us than we are to our own spirit. 


For we are so preciously loved by God that we cannot even comprehend it. No created being can ever know how much and how sweetly and tenderly God loves them. It is only with the help of grace that we are able to persevere in spiritual contemplation with endless wonder at God’s high surpassing immeasurable love, which our Lord in such goodness has for us. 


God is the ground, the substance, the teaching, the teacher, the purpose, and the reward for which every soul labors. Our savior is our true mother in whom we are endlessly born and out of whom we shall never come. See that I am God. See that I am in everything. See that I do everything. See that I have never stopped ordering my works, nor ever shall eternally. See that I lead everything onto the conclusion I ordained for it before time began by the same power wisdom and love for which I made it. How can anything be amiss? The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.”




Jesus provided us with a powerful tool for realizing this oneness, when he told us to go to our inner-room and pray to God in secret (Mt 6:6). If you are finding this type of prayer difficult, let us turn once again to Julian’s council, “Pray inwardly, even if you do not enjoy it. It does good, though you feel nothing.”


Pray in whatever manner of silent prayer has most appealed to you during this challenge. Don’t forget to humble yourself and let God know you can’t do this without Him. Ask to feel His love, and for the grace to realize who you truly are. When you stumble, apologize and ask again for His help. Carry on.









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