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Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Starting this week in Lent and for the rest of the season there is a choice of readings. This choice is based on whether there are people being catechized for the Easter Sacraments at the liturgy.  The remarks below and in the next couple of weeks are based on the normal pattern for Mass not the exception. 










From the time we are children, we are at times promised something and the promise goes unfulfilled. We can be told something that we thought was true and it turns out to be false. As we grow older the pattern does not change.   The disappointments though are often bigger. Some are so big that they cause us to break faith with other people. Some are big enough that they can fracture or even shatter our relationship with God.


The readings for this Sunday point us to reference points that show us the basis for a good faith relationship in the covenant tradition. They tell us the ways that the covenant tradition is restored once it is broken. The first reading essentially sets the stage. We hear about the making of the covenant in the Decalogue at Sinai. We hear that it ensures our relationship with God. We hear that it ensures our relationship with our neighbor.


Yet, into the world of the covenant is the human reality of sin. We can break faith with God and our neighbor. In the Old Covenant tradition our relationship with God was restored through the sacrifices of the temple. As we know in the Torah, in the sections that delt with sin offerings, people were restored to fidelity in the Covenant through an offering in the Jerusalem temple. 


Yet, this whole structure was never absolute. By the time of Jesus, this whole system was questioned. The problem was corruption.   Both with regard to those who came to offer sacrifice and with regard to the politics of the temple.  This was not something that was new in the history of Israel.  Among the prophets we certainly get a sense that trust in the temple sacrifices was not always seen as authentic.  Both with respect to those bringing the sacrifice and with those associated with the temple.


This questioning among the Jews caused many pious people to use other means to seek to be reconciled to God. One of the ways that was taking place during the time of Jesus was through the baptism of John the Baptist. The gospel traditions, all of them,  point this fact out to us. In Mark’s account, which we read during Advent, the Gospel says that “John the Baptist appeared in the desert proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.” 


When Jesus drives the money changers out, he creates a fire storm of controversy. It’s good to note that the version of the cleansing in John’s Gospel that we read this weekend, is at the beginning of John’s proclamation.  We can only surmise that the reason John does this is to show that even from the beginning of his public ministry, Jesus proclaims himself to be the source of reconciliation and forgiveness. 


According to the flow of the text, this fact becomes the reason the Jerusalem leadership wants to get rid of him. Either he’s talking nonsense or he’s telling a truth that they are unable to grasp or even able to accept. They do grasp a fact that is obvious. This Jesus is a problem. Even from the beginning, he is a threat to their authority. Since many in Israel were already questioning the Temple leadership, this was someone who would have to go.


When Jesus talks about the destruction of the temple, “the temple of his body,” his purpose is known to the believers of the early Church. The resurrection was at the heart of their faith.  The leaders of the temple could only see that his statement made no sense except for one thing that will be a part of the story at the end of the Gospel. They saw his claims as a blasphemy. They would be except for one important fact. He was raised from the dead. 


The temple itself would be destroyed. Likely, this had occurred by the time John’s final version of the Gospel was in wide circulation. The Church however sees something that the Temple authorities are unable to see. They see in Jesus, the one raised from the dead, the true authentic source of forgiveness and reconciliation.  This truth is not only in the past it is true in every age. The Jerusalem temple is no more. The temple of Jesus lives. The mystery of forgiveness continues. It continues in the person of Christ raised from the dead.


Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Joseph B. Pierce









Third Sunday of Lent

Lectionary: 29

1st Reading: Ex 20:1-17 

Psalm: 19:8, 9, 10, 11 

2nd Reading 1 Cor 1:22-25 

Gospel  Jn 2:13-25 










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Catholic Charities launched an outreach program to recruit volunteers for long-term roles such as mentors, teachers, medical and legal professionals, and skilled behind-the-scenes helpers. In addition, we are recruiting for summer interns!  (linked here)


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